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Reply Natsuki, Jun 03 2009 01:47 am

... logo wannabe OTL IDK I was bored ;u;;;


:'D The chatacter here is yukiko if you couldn't tell :'D *dunno if i drew her right* OMG her name is weirdddddd ;A; its the same name as my mom orz

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Reply legallystupid111, Jun 03 2009 02:44 pm

that looks sooooooo awesome!
i love the way you did the hair and the town it the background^-^

Reply MyaKonekko, Jun 03 2009 03:12 pm

Yukiko is so cute in your style. She looks so sad, I wonder which part of her she is now (good or bad).

Reply MegamanZDevil, Jun 03 2009 08:29 pm

; 3 ; she has short hairrrr
lol, she's so kawa-- i mean cute n' sexy. i have to agree with miya.

Reply MADxxasxaHATTER, Jun 04 2009 04:01 pm

I'm such a freak, whenever I see Yukiko as good and bad, I cover up half her face to see good and then the other to see the bad xDD
They really do look different, even if you don't notice it when drawing~ *u*

NATSUKI this is so awesomeee ;A;

LMAO Yukiko is your mamas name?! Ohgorsh xD That must be a wee bit akward xDD

Reply janirotluvx, Jun 05 2009 10:54 pm

So pretty ;_____; <33
And so detailed ;A;!!

oooh your mom is Yukiko 0A0!! That's interesting TAT/ <3

Reply Azarni, Jun 07 2009 07:07 pm

Beautiful O_O

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