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My emotions 4 /fin

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Reply MegamanZDevil, Jun 02 2009 01:06 pm

I8 OH SNAP TIEM TO REA-- i mean CATCH 'EM ALL. Aepth's on the adventure of his life as he tries to capture the Senachu for Team Clirkikins. will he succeed? can he get his emotions back? will Dulce n' Daze ACTUALLY do something productive? CAN THIS COMIC NOT DIE IN TIME FOR THE FINALE?!

tune in next time on Twinkle Town at 9pm on Cartoon Network.

Reply MADxxasxaHATTER, Jun 02 2009 01:10 pm


FFFF, I can't wait for them to FALL IN LLLL--
...lllmmmmeet for real... O//v//O

Reply MyaKonekko, Jun 02 2009 04:34 pm

O_O What could Clirk need her for? Creepy pedo Clirk, wait, how old is Sena?

While I was reading this page, this suspense/mystery background music off of NCIS played. XDD Sena's cute in your style.

Reply Natsuki, Jun 02 2009 07:53 pm


uh... i think I made her like 17 or so..

omggggg I think this story's really getting somewhere! ;A;;; *hopes it doesnt die* *wants to submit more pages*

Oh mai. I always imagined Aepth to be rich like SUPER RICH idk ;u; but poor Aepth is sexier D<

Reply janirotluvx, Jun 05 2009 10:52 pm

Ohohohohhhhhh it's getting mega interesting ;///A///;!!!! *wonder whats going to happenenenen between these two ;A;

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