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To See The Truth - 3

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Reply MyaKonekko, May 24 2009 10:42 pm

She has her face buried into his chest btw. I gotta admit, I thought panel 3 was a bit suggestive. XDD


I feel like this is going too fast but oh well.

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Reply janirotluvx, May 25 2009 06:25 pm

I thought last panel was much more suggestive 0///w///0!

Hmm *u* *wonders what's going to go on 0w0 now i can update too cause I'm pretty free so I upload something tomorro? *A*

Reply Starberry, May 25 2009 06:39 pm

uuuo i wonder what gonna happen ;3;;!

all the pages so far has got me hookedd ;u;!! yu talented ppl yuuuuuu!!! #__#

Reply MADxxasxaHATTER, May 26 2009 06:58 am

AAA, I wonder who it is *3*~~

huuu :'D Panel 3... yes, it is quite suggestive xDD
I agree with Mayu though, last panel is -COUGH- OvO
BUT BUT He's just hugging her so it's okay! xDD

Mayu - YAYY~~ >u<

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